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For more details about each of these programs, please contact our sales team. 

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Price Watcher

We watch your competitors' pricing and price changes so you no longer have to do price surveys in your market. We'll text or email you any time your competitors change their prices. This keeps you informed in

“real time."

Within our Sweet Spot, we provide Wayne-certified and VeriFone-certified technicians who can install, maintain and repair your equipment. We have maintenance programs available at a lower
cost to you.

Maintenance Manager

We mange your fuel inventory. You can give us daily stick readings or we can communicate directly with your ATG. Then, we order and dispatch fuel and provide best-buy opportunities. We can also provide regulatory compliance services with reports for the new SIR/MIR 30 day reporting cycle.

Fuel Manager

Real Estate Manager

We have expertise in site selection and real estate research. We offer on-site reviews, site planning and layout, site feasibility studies and design. We can also assist with in-store re-design and raze-rebuilds.

Convenience Store Alliance

CSA gives you access to the same discounts and promotions as large chains! Get lower costs on products and services from the nation's top vendors for programs including: grocery, tobacco, fountain, ATM, cleaning services, uniforms, insurance, food service and more. Learn more now!

We have partnered with one of our fuel suppliers to utilize their credit card network for your unbranded fuel or store transaction needs. This program features: simplified reconciliation by batch, low cost, all cards paid daily and a transparent fee structure. 

Unbranded Credit Card Network

Other Programs

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